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Which mineral species could also occur at the Clara mine?
Rev. 1.6 19.02.2001

  More than about 350 different mineral species have been identified so far at the Clara mine.
Thus, it is one of the most diverse single deposit on earth.

However, it is possible that even more species might be added to the list in the future.

If one draws comparisons with other, similar deposits (such as Broken Hill/Australia, Tsumeb/Namibia, Lavrion/Greece, Ramsbeck/Sauerland, etc.), it becomes evident that specific species have a high probability of occurring at the Clara mine.

This is is related to the often similar conditions of formation for both primary and supergene minerals.

The following list of minerals which might also occur at the Clara mine, was compiled together with Dr.Uwe Kolitsch

The compilation was based on the elemental inventory of the deposit and on the existence of probable cations and anions containing these elements. Some elements such as Cu, As and S are very common at the Clara mine,
whereas others such as V, Cr or Co are present in only very small amounts.

Cation (metal) Anion
Cu  Copper
As  Arsenic
Sb Antimony
Pb  Lead
Fe  Iron
Ba  Barium
Ag  Silver
Bi  Bismuth
Mn  Manganese
Al  Aluminium
Sr  Strontium
Zn  Zinc
Mg  Magnesium
SEE  Rare Earth Elements (Ce,Nd,La,...,Y)
Ni  Nickel
Co Cobalt
Ti Titanium
Se  Selenium
Au  Gold
Hg  Mercury
Mo  Molybdenum
W  Tungsten
Ca  Calcium
U  Uranium
H Hydrogen
H3O+ Hydronium
S2-  Sulphide
(AsO4)3-  Arsenate
(SO4)2-  Sulphate
(PO4)3-  Phosphate
(CO3)2-  Carbonate
O2-  Oxide
F-  Fluoride
Cl-  Chloride
Br-  Bromide
(SbO4)3-  Antimonate
(SiO4)4-  Silicate
(VO4)3-  Vanadate
(CrO4)2-  Chromate
(MoO4)2-  Molybdate
(WO4)2-  Tungstate

Bi-V-minerals in the "Stinkspat" (violet-black fluorite)-paragenesis:
Found: namibite, pucherite 
Possible: clinobisvanite, schumacherite, dreyerite, duhamelite 

Found: serpierite, aurichalcite 
Possible: ktenasite, spangolite, namuwite, ramsbeckite, sabelliite 

Miscellaneous Al-F-minerals:
Found: usovite, gearksutite, zharchikite, prosopite 
Possible: acuminite, bogvadite, carlhintzeite, chiolithe, karasugite, lannonite, pachnolite, ralstonite, stenonite, thomsenolite, 
                tikhonenkovite, weberite

Note: These Al-F minerals might occur in very inconspicuous aggregates. The currently identified species are usually colourless or whitish and may appear similar to kaolinite. 

More to follow !!


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