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Impressions of the Clara mine itself, field trips etc.
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With more than about 350 different mineral species, the Clara mine is one of the most diverse single deposit on earth.

However, apart from only mineral collecting, there are other things which make the mine and its surroundings attractive.


Having a chat inbetween the times when new material is dumped at the site of the processing plant in Oberwolfach. 

   Then you might be lucky to have your "find of the day".


Jeez !!   This is a heavy one!

Even during winter time there are some people who can't get their hands off the Clara mine. Even at -5 degree C. But the finds prove that it is worth freezing a bit!

And when is snows you just make the best out of it - a snowman (-woman) with malachite eyes. 
Special finds made during the winter camp in february 1996 included nice silver on crysocolla and excellent tyrolite crystals.

And when us collectors are sick of collecting, we just go to the well-done local mineral museum of the "Verein der Freunde von Mineralien und Bergbau Oberwolfach e.V." (Club of the Friends of Minerals and Mining Oberwolfach),  to admire the small and large beauties from the Black Forest. 
Apart from "fixed" exhibitions, from time to time small exhibitions of specimens from club member collections are organised. 


For instance, here am I (RBmineral) showing a small part of my collection. 
Besides hand specimens of pyromorphite/mimetite and bariumpharmacosiderite, 
rarities such as rankachite (type locality) or a nice vanadinite specimen from the old Friedrich-Christian Pb-Zn mine 
near Wildschapbach are on display.


Other activities of interest for the advice-seeking mineral collector include the 

identification service:

RBmineral identifying minerals at the museum. 
"Identification day" is always the last Saturday each month, except for November (no identification service). 

Important note: We try to identify a mineral visually with the help of a stereomicroscope with an attached video camera. 
In some cases we succeed, in others we don't.

There is an awful lot of minerals at the Clara mine which appear very similar to each other. This is especially valid for the crandallite and beudantite group minerals. In such cases, it is only possible to state that one is dealing with a mineral of that group, and that an exact identification will be only possible by more sophisticated methods 
such as X-ray powder diffraction and/or chemical analysis (EDX, EPMA) and/or optical studies. 

Of course, we can be wrong, despite decades of experience!!!

After all, being wrong is only human!!



By displaying models of the mine at the museum, the dimensions of the underground workings and
the method of mining are explained to the visitor. 

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